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Museum of Roman Ships

It was 1998 when, during the digging for construction of a building for the State Railway, wooden artefacts dating back to ancient times began to come to light.
Thus the Ancient Shipyard of Pisa was born, which conserves the relics unearthed during those excavations: 16 ships, with the personal belongings of the sailors on board still in good condition, are open to the thousands of tourists who come to this museum each year to discover something more about the fascinating story of this Repubblica Marinara.

The Ancient Shipyard of Pisa gives you the chance to find out more about nautical history up to the fifth century AD, the date of the last wreck found, from the Hellenic to the Etruscan age; here you can satisfy your curiosity.
Walking through this original and fascinating museum, you will discover how people experienced ancient maritime activity, what their routes were and the goods they carried, as well as how ancient sailors lived on the ships, often away from home for months on end.

An exciting voyage just a stone's throw from our Pisa hotel, that will enthral young and old alike: surrounded by history, immerse yourselves in unknown ages, discovering fascinating facts to get to know the city's history, and the floods that 'created' this museum. An occasion not to be missed, for a voyage through the history of these rare and unique surroundings, for a fun and exciting day, immersed in a unique atmosphere.